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Night Before Last

The night before last, Lois and I decided to go out to dinner between the booms! tired of cooking smoking indoors pacing between bomb shelter and tv, between the sirens and the silence counting seconds, we strolled up to Yermiyahu street and stopped for something to eat. No sooner, the sirens started wailing again, we rushed into the falafel kitchen of the restaurant as many could fit, between the plates and utensils and dishpans stacked like pita brcopertina-fb-freifeld-tel-aviveads piled up, getting ready to toast.

Momentarily, among men mostly, a young girl rushed in and fell into my arms, trembling. I put my arm about her and held her saying, in Hebrew, ‘Alti dag mami, h’yeh b’sedar’ it will be all right, it will all be okay.

The poor child was trembling like a cliché on the news, a leaf about to fall, ran into the arms of her father and mother there, and we just stood huddled glowing quietly, half in prayer, half in wonder how long it will be to drop that bomb here, or b’ezrat ha’shem, G-d willing, into the sea where it can’t hurt anyone. It was all somewhere up there in some alien ionosphere or evil destiny, what did it matter which just how far is it falling distance from us poor souls standing here.

I felt like the ghost of a camera recoiled, ready to shoot incoming atrocities . . . such black and white at night, is stilled.

On our way home we looked at the fashions in shop windows on Dizengoff. Lois’ little face lit up! I said ‘You know, if every time a bomb falls a pretty girl rushes into my arms, well hey, let them fall, give it all you got. ha! . . . because we were truly blessed having been there already passed, if only to comfort her and all our children. We both laughed heartily. We are all one, after all, whether we rise or fall. And if i’m to die, i want to die at home. If my children were born into my arms, then it will be into their arms i must fall. It will then be for them to decide their way home.

© E.L. Freifeld – 11.21.2012/all rights reserved

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