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  • LITERATURE Pier Vittorio Tondelli and the Craft of Writing

    In 1985, Tondelli, one of the most original voices of Italian literature, decided to take on the “Under 25” generation. His house was inundated with hundreds of original manuscripts. An alternative publishing

  • ITALY Rudy Rucker: The Medal of the Italian Senate

    October 17-18, 2001. San Francisco-Paris-Bologna. Here I am in the Business Class Air France lounge. Not that big a deal, they have free drinks, but what good is that to me anymore?

  • POETRY Michael Hogan: Joseph Brodsky, 1993

    I ran into Joseph Brodsky at Harvard University in the summer of 1993 while he was a visiting poet and I was with Gregory Nagy, the Head of the Classics Department, working on an NEA project called “Elements of

  • SHORT STORIES Mary Morris: Clue

    Two women, a teacher and a taxidermist. Two families snowed-in together, a board-game, a theft of misterious motives. A story about getting stuck and moving on . . .

  • PLANET INDIA Abha Iyengar: Poetry and the Power of Commitment

    I am sometimes bowed down / by my long hair, / and my bosom. / My tits and tresses torment me. / Maybe if I / Cut them off / I could stand up straight / And tell the world: / Look at me / I am a human being / Just like

  • LITERATURE Ernest Hemingway Reads

    Towards Christmas 1921, Elizabeth Hadley Richardson boarded a train. She was headed for Lausanne to surprise her husband Ernest. At the Gare de Lyon, one of her suitcases went missing. It contained nearly all of

  • SHORT STORIES Kirk Boys: Thieving Monkeys

    I have taken into consideration the fact that I might have an overactive imagination. And I’m not going to deny there have been times when I’ve stretched the truth a bit, but I swear this is not one of them.

  • LITERATURE Gregory Corso’s Funeral

    Gregory Corso’s grave is marked by a white tombstone in Rome’s Non-Catholic cemetery. The English cemetery, cemetery of poets and artists, an orderly garden of fine, upstanding grass that would have pleased Walpole

  • INTERVIEW Andrzej Żuławski: Literature as a Way of Living

    To be a good writer, suffering is necessary!, Dostoevski once said, thus expressing the need to sense his life into his own literature. Just like him, Andrzej Żuławski—not always suffering, but nevertheless living

  • INTERVIEW Patti Smith & Thurston Moore: sonicXsmith

    Excerpt from the interview with Patti Smith, by Thurston Moore, "recorded late night in a hotel in lowell, ma 10/6/95 and the next day in the back seat of a car driving to boston". From "alabama


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