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Conceived in 1977, Leconte is an open group defined by a shared vision—to change the way people look at cultural freedom through the saving power of writing. In the revolutionary spirit of the times, Leconte became a hub for experimentation, celebrating the importance of words and images in a friendly creative environment. Today, it remains a hangout for an eclectic roster of writers, filmakers, journalists, word dealers and ‘Renaissance people’ devoted to a truly crossover vision of writing. More akin to Verrocchio’s workshop than Warhol’s Factory, Leconte is also a kind of academy of words (a number of important writers, filmakers and artists were trained here) intended as an outlet for the release of collective works: magazines, movies, books, cultural events, readings, festivals.

Leconte is a rebel and secular cultural band with a political slant.

Based in Rome, Italy, Leconte maintains a policy of affordable access to his works through reasonable prices. 

LECONTE | selected backlist

STORIE All Write (magazine, English/Italian)
Storie 66. Martin Amis – Visiting Mrs Nabokov
Storie 65. Scott Turow – Some Things Promised, Some Things Dreamed
Storie 64. Robert Coover – Romance
Storie 62-63. New Yorkers
Storie 61. Life and Death of Porno
Storie 60. Laura Hird Group – Ten Minutes Scots
Storie 59. Bjorn Larsson – Sea Says
Storie 57-58. Jerome Charyn – Princess Hannah
Storie 56. Gregory Corso – Deluge
Storie 55. Lydia Lunch – Johnny Behind the Deuce
Storie 54. Joseph McElroy – On the Bias
Storie 52-53. Ariel Dorfman – The Prey
Storie 51. Joyce Carol Oates – The Fish Factory
Storie 50. Murakami Haruki – Crab

STORIE The Write Side (poetry, fiction, non fiction, English/Italian)
Raymond Carver & Tess Gallagher – Cattedrali/Cathedrals
Paul Auster – Purgatory
AA.VV. Afternoon anthology
Raymond Carver – Tell It All
Gerald Locklin – Charles Bukowski a botta sicura

STORIEs (fiction, English/Italian)
Joyce Carol Oates – Mistrial
T.C. Boyle – Wild Child/Selvaggio

QUADERNI A STROFE (poetry, English/Italian)
William J. Harris – Domande personali
Edward Field – I vincitori e i vinti
Denise Duhamel – Perché Barbie e Ken non portano le mutande
E.L. Freifeld – What Walks

TROVATORI (fiction, Italian)
Mary Caponegro – Materia prima
Attilio Del Giudice – Bloody muzzare’
Gerald Locklin – Più morto che vivo
Thurston Moore – Alabama Wildman
Pablo Echaurren – L’invasione degli Astratti
Catherine Texier – Love me tender
Lydia Lunch – Paradoxia
Attilio Del Giudice – La vita incagliata
Emanuele Bevilacqua – Estate di Yul
Mary Morris – Revenge
H.E. Francis – L’uomo che faceva persone
JERRY SAYS (fiction, Italian)
Jerry Stahl – Mezzanotte a vita
Jerry Stahl – Perv

Eric Gunnar Trjo – Soffro d’Ikea
Eric Gunnar Trjo – Googlecrazia
AA.VV. Spazzanapoli
AA.VV. Italia Gratis
AA.VV. Natale che palle
AA.VV. Champions Tic
AA.VV. La Cinquecento
AA.VV. La vita privata dei fumetti


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